Sixth Renvision meeting

The sixth renvision meeting took place in Nice on Thursday, May 12, 2016...new ideas and plans!

Registration for the RENVISION final workshop: registrations are open

Call for Participation RENVISION workshop Genova,  26th July 2016

This workshop will constitute a unique opportunity to learn about the R&D performed in the project “Retina-inspired ENcoding for advanced VISION tasks  (RENVISION)”, funded by the European Union FP7 FET (Future Emerging technology) proactive program Neuro-Bio-Inspired Systems Call 9, to investigate pan-retinal signal processing at high spatio-temporal resolution, through neuroscientific, optical and computational approaches involving advanced pattern recognition and machine learning technologies.


Renvision workshop will be held on 26th July 2016...more info coming soon!

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